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Museum of Childhood

A museum opened in Bethnal Green in 1872 as an offshoot of the V&A, and was later used by the Royal Family to house many of the gifts they were given on formal tours and by diplomatic visitors. In 1922 a new Head Curator was instructed to reorganise the museum. Noticing that it was frequently filled with bored, noisy children he sought to make it more child-friendly, setting up a classroom, employing teachers and beginning to source child-related objects. Queen Mary and others donated collections of toys and this area of the collection soon became popular. In 1974 the museum was renamed the Museum of Childhood and focussed solely on childhood-related collections Since then the collection has continued to grow with new acquisitions and donations from toy companies, the BBC and members of the public. The collection includes all manner of toys, teddy bears, dolls, puppets, model trains, toy soldiers, games, costumes and nursery furniture. There are also over 40 dolls houses, some donated by royalty.

There is plenty at the Museum for children to enjoy including an activity corner, a model railway, a rocking horse that can be ridden and a dressing up box to be rummaged through

Let me help you rediscover your inner child with a tour of the Museum of Childhood.