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Journey west of London to Wessex – the beautiful countryside setting for Thomas Hardy’s famous series of novels – and see some of England’s most famous and timeless heritage.¬† We can visit either or both of the historic and beautiful City of Salisbury or the mysterious and strange monument of Stonehenge.

The Stone Circle at Stonehenge is the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe, one of the wonders of the world, an iconic symbol of Britain and a sacred place to many. Part of its enduring source of fascination to visitors from across the world is that both its purpose and precisely how such a huge monument could have been built by Neolithic people with only primitive tools and transport available to them still remain mysteries.¬† Theories about its purpose include a centre of healing, a funeral site and monument, a religious or ritual place, an astronomical observatory or a symbol of peace and unity – or some combination of these. On our visit, I will explain these various theories and the questions surrounding its building as well as giving some background on Neolithic life. Once on site, we’ll be able to walk around the outside of the Circle so that you can experience the solemnity and ‘magic’ of the setting as well as touring a reconstruction of a Neolithic village and seeing many exhibits of finds from archaeological¬† excavations at the site and in the surrounding area. There’s also the opportunity to experience an audio-visual reconstruction of the view from within the Circle at other times and seasons. A visit to Stonehenge is intriguing, fascinating – and, for many, a profound and thought provoking experience. It is not to be missed!