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Famously once the home of Princess Diana, Kensington Palace has been a seat of Kings since William and Mary acquired it and it has a long and fascinating history of Royal residents. Today Prince William, Princess Catherine and Prince Harry live here, as well as three other Royal couples. Let me show you how its occupants have lived over the years and tell you some of their stories.

Our tour will take in the intimate and domestic State apartments of Queen Mary II and  the sumptuously decorated suite of the King’s Apartments of Georges I & II and as we view the Palace I’ll tell you the stories of some of the many Kings, Queens and other Royals who’ve lived here, including about the formative years that the young Victoria spent here before her accession to the Throne. A walk around the lovely Palace gardens and Orangery, which are largely the creation of Queen Anne and Queen Caroline, is a relaxing end to a visit to this fascinating building.