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Travel with me on a journey that countless pilgrims have made over the centuries – to Canterbury in Kent, England’s most important religious site and a charming and fascinating small mediaeval city. On our journey, I’ll set out some of Canterbury’s long history as first a Celtic settlement and then one of the most important Roman cities in England before St Augustine arrived in the year 597 to convert the English to Christianity, ¬†established an Abbey and became the first Archbishop of Canterbury. On our arrival, we’ll tour the Cathedral, during which I will show you the 800-year old marble Chair of St Augustine, used to enthrone Archbishops of Canterbury, the memorial to the tragic martyrdom of Archbishop St Thomas Becket, the stained-glass windows in the Quire and Trinity Chapel which commemorate Becket’s life, the magnificent Gothic nave, the tomb of the Black Prince and the Chapter House of the former Abbey.

Outside the cathedral, the city contains several other sights of interest including the Roman museum which is built around the remains of a Roman townhouse and depicts and reconstructs the Roman way of life and the ‘Canterbury Tales’¬†experience which brings the characters and story of Chaucer’s Pilgrims vividly to life through animatronics. We’ll also take a walk around the city’s narrow mediaeval streets to see the ancient timber-framed houses and the city’s Westgate – the largest city gate in England, now a museum. Devotees won’t want to miss the Rupert Bear Museum, too! Visit Canterbury with me to gain both an insight into the religious life and tradition of England and a window on provincial life outside London.