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This is a walk for those who love history. Starting with the very foundation of London, we’ll see the remains of the fort protecting the Roman settlement named Londinium dating back to the 1st century AD . We’ll follow the City’s development through its small mediaeval streets, seeing where the Great Fire of 1666 started and discussing its impact on the City’s layout and architecture.

I’ll tell you about the development of trade and about the Guilds of professionals and craftspeople, which still play an important role in the City’s life. We’ll see where the Lord Mayor of London (not to be confused with the Mayor of London!) lives and works.

I’ll explain how the City became one of three largest financial centres of the world and we’ll see a number of well-known buildings relating to finance, including the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange.

We’ll finish our walk outside St. Paul’s Cathedral which has been a place of worship for more than 1,400 years and I’ll explain what an important role the Cathedral has played and continues to play in the life of the City – and why, during German bombardment in 1940, Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent word that St Paul’s Cathedral should be protected at all costs!

This morning or afternoon walk starts at St. Paul’s Cathedral: you can choose to be picked up at your hotel or make your own way there. It lasts approximately three hours, which can include a comfort & refreshment break at your preference. The walk ends back at St. Paul’s Cathedral and can readily dovetail with another tour of a nearby major attraction – perhaps the Cathedral or the Tower of London. Please browse the available options.

To book this tour, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Me’ page.


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